Family Enterprise Advisory

Nathanson Pearson is an established provider of practical and appropriate solutions specifically for high net worth families. Principal advisor David Werdiger, published best-selling author of Transition, has assisted many HNW families to navigate the complexities of succession planning, intergenerational wealth transition, and family governance.

David’s extensive commercial experience together with a confidential and empathetic relational approach to the challenges of family related business issues, has allowed him to facilitate unique solutions for clients by tapping into his personal knowledge and highly resourceful professional and specialist advisor network.

Carefully packaged and staged projects provide clients with a re-assuring consultative process that has successfully helped business owners establish a better work/life balance, retire, sell, hand-over to the next generation or overcome family conflict. 

A sampling of typical projects include:

  • Family Governance & Succession
    • Family Enterprise Risk Assessment: interviews with an appropriate set of family members and stakeholders to assess risk associated with governance, policy, relationships, with a full report of key considerations and recommendations
    • Guiding the family through a process of values alignment, learning how to have open discussion and make group decisions, development of a family charter/constitution, and development of appropriate governance structures
    • Assisting the with a family to develop policies to help foster entrepreneurship in the rising generation and/or prepare them to be effective custodians of the family assets
  • Family Business Challenges
    • Helping a business reduce conflict between family members, align personal and business vision, and establish better communication and good governance as a foundation for the next stage of business growth
    • Preparing family business owner(s) – emotionally & financially – for the process of selling the family business and establishing a family office
    • Coaching the business owner/founder to systematise and grow their business, unlocking its value by making it less reliant on them, and freeing up their time to build their future life beyond the business.
    • Succession planning – preparing both the incumbent and rising generation for a handover of operational control and appropriate governance of the family business to make the business sustainable and keep the family peace

For more information on how David can help you achieve your personal, family and business goals, please contact us.