Nathanson Pearson has an investment policy with long term vision. We invest in a diversified mix of asset classes. A key principle is that we maintain a strong awareness of:

  • what we are good at, and what we are not
  • what we understand well
  • what others can do as well or better than us
  • how we want to spend our time (which is our most precious asset)

There is no problem in computer programming that cannot be solved by an added level of indirection” – Maurice Wilkes

There is no performance problem that cannot be solved by eliminating a level of indirection” – Jim Gray

Applying these principles to the world of investment:

  • we are not ‘pickers’, but have a strong network of others who devote their time to being excellent ‘pickers’;
  • we are not greedy, because everyone deserves to be rewarded commensurate with what they bring to a deal;
  • we are lean, because we go deep into what we know rather than rely on shallow internal capability across a wider set of asset classes

We have good deal flow in the entrepreneurial risk asset class, and in some niche alternatives. We share ideas regularly with like-minded investors once we get to know each other.