Advisor Education

Nathanson Pearson are pleased to introduce Generations Academy – Advisor Education Series

Target Learners: Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Advisors and other professionals who provide advice to family business clients.

Course Summary: This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of industry professionals who provide advice to families of significant wealth and their businesses. The suite of modules that make up the course focus on different topics to build market knowledge, develop specialised skills and tangible tools to empower learners to effectively deliver their industry expertise to the family business market. Modules run for about three hours, with the goal of delivering essential knowledge and practice for advisors.

Module 1: Family Enterprise Foundations

This module lays the foundation on which all subsequent modules build upon and is made up of six sections:

  1. Current Landscape – looking at the current global landscape, facts, figures and trends in the family business market
  2. Family Office Structure – identifying all the ways a family office can be structured, looking at common family office attributes and identifying how the three circle model is used to understand each persons sphere of influence within a business
  3. Advisor Approaches – exploring the components effective advisors use to form trust based relationships with family clients and recognising the people and values at play in a family enterprise
  4. Generational Differences – understanding how different generations bring different viewpoints to society, money and work and exploring how this can present in business decisions
  5. The Family Enterprise Journey – acknowledging the many varied pathways a family business can take, what causes these different pathways to emerge and how the learner can identify this and adjust their approach and advice accordingly
  6. Practical Application – here the learners will take all the knowledge gleaned from this module and apply it to a case study. Learners are divided into small groups for this activity and will present their findings to the larger group for discussion and feedback. 

Benefits: Module 1 is designed for participants at any level of experience advising family business clients and will create the foundational knowledge learners will build upon in the subsequent modules that make up this course. Key benefits of learners completing Module 1 are:

  • Clarity around the family business market as it stands today
  • Recognise the characteristics and challenges that are unique to family businesses
  • Learn communication techniques when establishing a relationship with families
  • Understand multi-generational values and viewpoints and how these impact decision making in business
  • Understand the role of the advisor as an educator and facilitator, especially when dealing with cross generational viewpoints

Coming soon …

Module 2: Structure & Processes – familygovernance, navigating the complex client relationship, collaborative practice

Module 3: Wealth Transfer – succession planning, family personnel changes, advisor succession

Module 4: Family Conflict Management – understanding sources of conflict, assessment & management

Knowledge Base – articles, mini case studies, templates

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